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Elizabethtown Sporting Goods
59 W. College Ave.
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To our Loyal Customers,

     For the last 25 years, Elizabethtown Sporting Goods has provided quality awards and engraving for businesses and sports team’s alike.  We are proud of our work within the Awards Industry, however to keep up with our customer needs, we will need to focus our efforts and play to our strengths.    
     Today, we will begin to transition away from engraving and the awards business to allow greater emphasis on our screen printing, embroidery and team sales.  As of November 30th, 2017, we will no longer be filling engraving or awards orders.  With this shift, we will continue to offer high quality screen printed and embroidered apparel.  
Our changing business model will result in questions from our customers. 

The following is an attempt to clarify some of these points:

What happens to my current engraving, awards orders?
Elizabethtown Sporting Goods will fulfill all current open orders.

When will Elizabethtown Sporting Goods stop accepting new engraving and awards orders?
November 30, 2017.

I have been getting the same awards for the past few years, will you give me the style numbers and reference a place for me to get my order filled?
Yes, absolutely, we will give you all the information you would need to get your order filled at another Engraving/Trophy shop.  We can also suggest some local or non-local shops if this something that you would be interested in.

You are no longer doing engraving, what about screen printing, embroidery and team sales?
We are no longer doing engraving, in hopes to better meet our customers needs in screen printing, embroidery and team sales.  As we continue to grow, we felt it was better for us to expand our screen printing and embroidery to meet the growing demand.

Elizabethtown Sporting Goods Management

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